Silk Suspension Teacher Training

Interested in SilkSuspension Teacher Training?


SilkSuspension Workshops are taught with a Focus And Flow approach:


Students learn how to combine exercises for a smooth, total body workout, but also learn when, how, and why to choose and focus on a particular exercise. Students also learn how to progress and regress each exercise, making SilkSuspension exercise effective at all levels of fitness. Upon completion of the workshop, students will be able to:

  •     Intensify your clients experiences safely and effectively at all levels.
  •     Incorporate SilkSuspension exercises seamlessly into their personal training workouts.
  •     Create energetic, core-strengthening group classes for all levels.



Upcoming Silk-Suspension Teacher Training at Pilates on Fifth:




 SilkSuspension™ Fundamentals l & ll


February 14th & 15th- 9:30am-5:30pm each day


SilkSuspension™ Progressions l & ll


March 14th & 15th- 9:30am-5:00pm each day


SilkSuspension™ Challenges l & ll


April 11th & 12th- 9:30am-5:00pm each day



Email or call 212-687-3787 to register.




SilkSuspension Fundamentals & Flow


SilkSuspension Fundamentals I

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of the Silk-Suspension exercise system and the benefits of controlled instability to the neuromuscular system, specifically, the unique attributes of a dual suspension system.  Suspension Exercise I teaches the exercises that serve as the foundation of the repertoire, which must be mastered before progressing.  Exercises target core strength, inner joint stability, proper biomechanics, balance, flexibility and coordination.  Upon completion of this course, students will be ready to incorporate Silk-Suspension exercises into their practice and teach group classes or privates.  In total, over 50 exercises (including regressions and progressions) are taught with three group class templates provided.




SilkSuspension Fundamentals II

Prerequisite:  SilkSuspension Fundamentals I

This course builds on Fundamentals 1 by introducing over 50 more exercises (including regressions and progressions) and providing three more group class templates as well as further applications for integrating Silk-Suspension into private lessons.  The benefits of controlled instability to the neuromuscular system are reviewed so students truly understand how to utilize the system.  Additionally, students learn how to progress clients systematically and to design fluid, functional workouts for their private or group clients, with special attention given to how to link exercises and create smooth transitions between them.  Emphasis is placed on regressions, intensifications and progressions.  Students complete the course ready to intensify the client experience on Silk-Suspension safely and effectively.




SilkSuspension Progressions I

Prerequisite:  SilkSuspension Fundamentals I & II

The Progressions I course targets both ends of the SilkSuspension spectrum:  the easy and the hard!  Students learn modifications and regression techniques to help clients use the right muscle in the right amount at the right time to address muscle imbalances and biomechanical abnormalities.  Students learn to make professional judgments regarding when clients can progress and when a modification is necessary.  SilkSuspension exercises that utilize one and two suspension systems (meaning ultimately 4 points of suspension) will be covered, increasing the variety available to the instructor for both group class and private applications.  With the over 50 new exercises introduced in Progressions I, students learn exercises for their more advanced clients, building safely and effectively on the foundations of core strength, inner joint stability, flexibility and balance learned in SilkSuspension Fundamentals I & II. 


SilkSuspension Progressions II

Prerequisite:  SilkSuspension Fundamentals I & II, SilkSuspension Progressions I

Continuing to build on both ends of the SilkSuspension system, this course helps students master regression techniques and use the regression system to address clients’ post-rehab needs.  On the other end of the spectrum, challenging exercises are taught to expand upon the core strength, stability, power, balance, agility and flexibility gained in the Progressions I course, over 60 exercises in total.  Thus, SilkSuspension instructors will be equipped to insure clients continue to see overall physical, neuromuscular and biomechanical gains.  Special attention is given to how to intensify exercises without necessarily making the exercise harder to guarantee client safety and success, while meeting each individual at his/her edge.


SilkSuspension Challenges I

Prerequisite:  SilkSuspension Fundamentals I & II, SilkSuspension Progressions I & II

Time to increase strength, stamina and power!  Students learn how to use SilkSuspension’s unique double suspension system (meaning four possible suspension points) to create the ideal combination of controlled instability to challenge the body’s strength and control.  Over 50 exercises challenge coordination, stability, strength and core for a full body strength training and cardio workout.  Emphasis is also placed on stacking exercises for both increased intensity and difficulty.  With this in mind, workout templates will be distributed featuring specialized, targeted sequencing to focus either on core, cardio circuit, strength, or total body fitness.


SilkSuspension Challenges II

Prerequisite:  ActivCore Suspension Exercise I & II, Suspension Progressions I & II, Suspension Challenges I

Suspension Challenges II offers the ultimate in strength, flexibility and agility training, targeting core strength, control, balance and flexibility.  Exercise pairings (super sets) are introduced to further test the limits of strength, control, and total body integration.  Over 50 new exercises are introduced in an additional 4 workout templates for group classes or privates featuring additional specialized, targeted sequencing to take clients to new levels of fitness.