Ready to get stronger from the inside out? 

Ready to break through your plateaus and hit your fitness goals?

Then you MUST try SilkSuspension™!

Pilates on Fifth is the first Pilates studio in Manhattan to incorporate training with double suspension points into Pilates privates, duets and group classes!  Inspired by the incredible strength and grace of the rings event in men's gymnastics, Pilates on Fifth's Suspension fitness program increases inner joint stability, improves core strength and encourages proper biomechanics.  The controlled instability offered by the dual suspension points  triggers the deep muscles of the body to fire, so you will truly get stronger from the inside out!  SilkSuspension™ = Aerial Silks + Suspension Exercise for an amazing total body, core strengthening workout.

Pilates on Fifth has been featuring this amazing system with outstanding results since 2009!

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      Suspended Teaser on SilkSuspension


      Suspended Squats on SilkSuspension

Achieve a three dimensional, total body workout with SilkSupensionTM!


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SilkSuspension: Suspension Exercise for Functional Training and Total Body Fitness


*Triggers the deep stabilizing muscles of the body to contract and support the joints

*Helps the body learn proper movement patterns neuromuscularly, so changes occur without too much "brain" effort

*Delivers a full body workout from the inside out with standing and floor exercises

*Helps break through plateaus so you start to reap more benefits from your Pilates or other exercise regimes


Suspended Abdominal Work and Suspended Push Ups on SilkSuspension


Discover the POWER of INSTABILITY!!

The instability created by two, independently moving suspension points triggers the deep, stabilizing muscles of the body to contract and support the joints.  Continued training with dual suspension strengthens these inner muscles to the extent you see profound strength gains in your outer muscles as well!  Enhance your Pilates workout with Pilates Suspension/ Ring Training on SilkSuspension™, a whole new way to perform suspension exercise. Our Pilates SilkSuspension™ program features a full range of functional training exercises targeting every major muscle group for ultimate total body fitness. At Pilates on Fifth, clients can experience Pilates suspension exercise in private training or in our brand-new “SilkSuspension™” group classes. SilkSuspension™ is an ideal complement to any total body fitness regimen such as Pilates, as the suspension exercise increases core strength exponentially while you increase strength and stability in every joint of the body. Additionally, the unique attributes of dual suspension points featured in the SilkSuspension™ equipment create an ideal forum for muscle testing and focused stabilization and post-rehabilitation work. SilkSuspension™ reaches the pinnacle of functional training, as virtually all exercises require multi-dimensional stability. As a result, SilkSuspension™ is ideal suspension exercise for sports performance enhancement as well as overall total body fitness.


SilkSuspension facilitates Ultimate Core training for the BEST Total Body Workout

Clients at Pilates on Fifth know that ultimate core training comes from SilkSuspension: the BEST total body workout. SilkSuspension™ equipment features a dual suspension point system on which the suspension exercises are executed. With the total body workout on Silk-Suspension™, you are always working with your own body weight, it becomes the ultimate core training workout. And because the SilkSuspension™ equipment allows for adjustments and modifications for all fitness levels, clients ranging from athletes to seniors, weekend warriors to couch potatoes can all experience an amazing total body workout. Moreover, unlike some suspension exercise systems, the dual suspension point feature of the SilkSuspension™ equipment allows for unilateral as well as aerial applications to take ultimate core training to new heights.


With SilkSuspension™ you can expect:

  • Controlled instability
  • Functional exercise
  • Pain free positioning and movements
  • Precise control of exercise intensity
  • Freedom of movements in all planes


This solution provides trained professionals with the necessary tools to identify clients’ inactive muscles and weaknesses in core muscles. In turn, the program aids to:

  • Restore muscle function
  • Reduce muscle pain or discomfort
  • Improve core stability
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Improve functional strength, balance and flexibility


SilkSuspension is functional training, and functional training is essential to daily living, injury prevention and athletic performance. The technique is committed to facilitating strength development, balance enhancement and improved coordination for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

From the sedentary senior to the elite athlete, participants in SilkSuspension™ can target their core muscles, build strength and improve performance – whether you're lifting up your grandchildren or running a marathon!

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How Does it Work?


As many of you Pilates practitioners know, the involuntary muscles of the body can only be challenged through instability, and yet only a finite amount of instability can be created in a traditional Pilates setting before the risk of injury becomes too great. The Redcord® equipment creates an unstable environment that is also safe and comfortable, so clients at all levels of fitness have a means to target their core muscles and build strength safely and effectively. Redcord® Active restores muscle balance by retraining the right muscle to fire, thus facilitating proper movement patterns. The Redcord® Active system helps identify muscle imbalances – the overactive and inactive muscles – and then provides a specific exercise to address the imbalance. With its customizable set-up, Redcord® Active easily accommodates all clients regardless of movement limitations or restrictions.


Interested in Instructor Training?


SilkSuspension™ Fundamentals & Flow

Build upon your Redcord® Active Intro knowledge and exercise base with Redcord® Active Fundamentals & Flow. Whether interested in one-on-one training or group exercise, you will expand your Redcord® exercise library with 115 new exercises and eight full workout templates to further strengthen and challenge your clients.


Exercises are taught with a Focus And Flow approach:

Students learn how to combine exercises for a smooth, total body workout, but also learn when, how, and why to choose and focus on a particular exercise. Students also learn how to progress and regress each exercise, making Redcord® suspension exercise effective at all levels of fitness. Upon completion of the workshop, students will be able to:

  •     Intensify your clients experiences safely and effectively at all levels.
  •     Incorporate Redcord® Active exercises seamlessly into their personal training workouts.
  •     Create energetic, core-strengthening group classes for all levels.


Upcoming Pilates Suspension/ Ring Trainings on SilkSuspension™:

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