Golden Pilates Keeping Seniors at Pilates on Fifth Strong and Healthy

Golden Pilates   Keeping New Yorkers in their golden years balanced, strong and flexible! Classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am! Call 212-687-8885 to sign up or email   Did you know that Joseph Pilates practiced his method well into his eighties? Well he did!  Pilates exercises are beneficial for people of all ages, but they have particular benefits for older adults. Because Pilates focuses on core strength, flexibility and balance, individuals in their "golden years" will find many ways to benefit.                                                                 HALF SWAN FOR BETTER POSTURE                                                                    STABILITY BALL WORK FOR A STRONG CORE   So join in the fun!  Ellen Fluhr, former Broadway dancer, Pilates instructor and now a dynamic senior herself, created “Golden Pilates,” a 55 minute Pilates class designed to help her peers continue to move through life with grace and agility.  Special attention is given to proper biomechanics and placement to help target the common causes of chronic low back pain and neck and joint stiffness. Balance, flexibility and stamina, with and without props, are also addressed in class.       SIDE LEG LIFT SERIES FOR BALANCE                                                                                                       SHOULDER BRIDGE TO AUGMENT A STRONG CORE   Ellen provides modifications for all exercises, customizing workouts to match your health needs, age, and personal goals. The mat exercises, which are performed either lying down or sitting, can be done safely without any concern for falling. Exercises on the ball help develop core strength and balance safely and effectively.                                                                                  SPINE TWIST ON A BALL TO IMPROVE RANGE OF MOTION                                                           BALANCE WORK WITH THE SMALL BALL Finally, Ellen insures the Pilates exercises she chooses are functional for you, in other words, the exercise relate to the activities that you routinely practice outside the studio. She supports your training with careful instruction and corrections. She’s been a “saving grace,” says a student recovering from an injury. “She’s fabulous!” says another -- and people keep coming back for more!