Rock Solid Sculpting

Shake Things Up for Resounding Results


Shake things up for resounding results!


Recent Review
"I can’t say enough good things about the Rock Solid Sculpt class. Not only is it a great workout and really fun but I’ve never really experienced something like it before. I’m an actor and a singer and a lot of a performer’s life is spent trying to stay healthy and release tension; we had entire classes in school about warming up and releasing muscles. I have to say, nothing outside of a massage or chiropractic appointment has ever released as much tension for me as a Rock Solid class. I think all performers should be taking them all the time. Honestly, I think schools that specialize in the performing arts should bring in a program like this for their students. By the end of class I felt muscles releasing in my neck and jaw that I constantly have to work at to loosen up most of the time. If you’re a performer, and NYC has a lot of them, you should be at one of these classes. If you’re not a performer, I still think you should be at one of these classes. Everyone should go! I’ll absolutely be back!"

The Rock Solid Whole Body Vibrational Plate (WBVP) increases metabolic demand! You work more muscles at a higher intensity with each and every exercise. This means that you’ll burn more calories!


Because the WBVP increases your circulation, your immune system automatically gets revved up as well! Toxins are flushed out of your body more rapidly than with other types of exercise.


The Rock Solid Whole Body Vibrational Plate provides an effective low impact way of strengthening your bones. Even just standing on the plate will deliver bone- boosting benefits.


The instability of the Rock Solid Whole Body Vibrational Plate forces the mind to abandon other tasks and concentrate on the exercise being performed. This mindfulness gives your brain a vacation from the day-to-day grind, centering the mind.


The WBVP moves in 3 directions: up and down, front to back (sagittal plane) and side to side (coronal plane). This conditions the body’s vestibular system to adapt quickly and effectively to changes, which improves balance. Better balance is, well, better!


The Rock Solid Whole Body Vibrational Plate puts your proprioceptors on overdrive! Proprioceptors are little brains outside the brain throughout the body: they sense a change in environment and send the information TO the brain. The more we train our proprioceptors, the faster and more effectively this happens.


The core musculature is constantly stimulated the Rock Solid Whole Body Vibrational Plate! Because of the movement and vibration of the plate, the core is not just involved, but on high alert with each and every exercise. Even more spectacular is the fact that the core is automatically being trained to fire in a variety of planes of motion, making the WBVP an excellent form of functional fitness.


The best part? Utilizing the technology of the WBVP will enhance your other activities as well: golf, tennis, running… you name it. Muscle memory improves swiftly on the plate. By simulating moves from a favorite sport or hobby on the plate, users can cross train for improvement in their favorite sports.


WHO: Who can use it?

ANYONE! Persons of any age, at any fitness level, with any goal to meet will benefit from using the Rock Solid Vibrational Plate Training.

BUT!! Persons prone to seizures, severe migraines or vertigo, should consult his/her physician. Persons with a pacemaker should consult his/her physician.

WHAT: What is Whole Body Vibrational Plate Training?

Whole Body Vibrational Plate (WBVP) Training magnifies the force of gravity as well as ground reaction forces, which stimulates the proprioceptors of the body. This induces a synergistic reaction in the muscles, creating an optimal forum for functional training.

In other words, with each exercise, more muscles fire AND work harder and longer compared to the same exercise performed off the plate.

WHY: Why should I do it?

Because WBVP Training…

  • Increases metabolic demand (which means it BURNS MORE CALORIES!)
  • Strengthens your cardiovascular system
  • Increases core stability
  • Increases muscle memory
  • Increases circulation and blood flow
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Flushes out toxins in the body more rapidly than other forms of exercise
  • Releases regenerative hormones
  • Elicits a greater potential for speed, strength and power adaptations

(This means you’ll go back to your golf, tennis, running, weight lifting… whatever else you do… more prepared and conditioned to do it!)

WHERE: Where will I feel it?

You will feel it everywhere! BUT! It is important to keep your muscles ENGAGED when your arms or feet are on the plate. Do not lock the joints! For example, instead of just resting a foot on the plate, put weight on that foot as if you’re about to step up to standing.

WHEN: When should I use it?

Warmup: To energize the muscles you plan to use during the more intense phase of the workout and prepare your body for action.

Core: To activate the deep stabilizers. The core is the integration center for the body, as it is where the upper body and lower body meet. By combining upper body and lower body movements on the Rock Solid vibrational plate, your core is on overdrive, which is a great thing! This translates into increased core stability overall.

Strength: To recruit more muscles to do more work, more often. On the Rock Solid Vibrational plate, your muscles are working many times harder than they would be if doing the same exercise on the ground. This translates into exponential gains in strength.

Balance: To awaken, stimulate and strengthen the proprioceptors. Proprioceptors are responsible for sending feedback to the brain about where you body is in space. This translates DIRECTLY into improved balance when the movement is sound and correct.

Recovery: To enhance recovery. The WBVP is can be an excellent massage for the muscles! (This is the only time you are passive on the plate.) You can even combine it with a foam roller or massage ball to amplify or intensify the vibrational effects. This translates into a deeper, more effective massage.

HOW: How does it work?

Because the plate moves in the sagittal plane (front to back), coronal plane (side to side) and vertically (up and down), it not only simulates gravity but also AMPLIFIES it. Ground reaction forces are also amplified.


Shake up your routine — literally!

Ever wonder when the future will arrive with its self-driving cars, pills that prevent wrinkles, and contraptions to get you in shape without all the vigorous effort? Well, one of those things actually is here although you may not even know about it. Popular abroad and accessible in many gyms already here in the U.S., whole-body vibration exercise (WBV) is getting the attention of the already fit as well as the not so fit for its safe, time-saving, and healthful benefits. Using simple science and minimal movement by the user, this machine is ideal for long term use as it eliminates the need to stress the joints and muscles in order to achieve results; instead, it allows something else to do all of the work, something that we experience every moment of every day—gravity.

As a long time advocate and practitioner of healthy living, I’ve never been one to eschew exercise. However, that doesn’t mean that if something existed which could be used in conjunction with regular exercise, eliminating the consistent need for sweat and vigorous exertion, that I wouldn’t be on board—or on the platform — whole-body vibration exercise platform, that is.

The platform is the key to whole-body vibration exercise. Standing atop this platform, the user experiences intense vibrations, which actually activate motor neurons in the spinal cord, which then signal the brain to increase muscular force production, a complex process all to be explained later within this article. I will also explain how its effects benefit us, and who may benefit most from this device based on the scientific research. Furthermore, I will provide testimonials from regular users of my favorite brand of whole-body vibration devices, Rock Solid. You will see why this revolutionary product is transforming the face of exercise while also transforming bodies across the world.