How To Continue Your Pilates Training Off The Mat

You've finished your Pilates workout. You feel stronger, longer, leaner.  Then, what happens?  You stand up and possibly sink back into the the bad habits that you just tried to derail with your Pilates practice.  Well, here are some tips so that you can continue your Pilates training off the mat as well as on.

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Don't Get Too Tripped Up with Technique

It is VERY easy, especially at the beginning of your Pilates journey, to become so overwhelmed with the details and minutia that a) Pilates is no longer enjoyable, or b) you find yourself moving very slowly or hardly moving at all in an attempt to get it all "right".  But, at the risk of being a little cliche, Rome was not built in a day!

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Pilates and Breathing -- When in Doubt, EXHALE!

A common question we get is, "Am I breathing right?"  The answer is always "YES!"  While of course there is a rhyme and reason to the coordination of inhales and exhales with each Pilates exercise, breathing in general is a VERY good thing. One of the worst things that clients can do when they first try Pilates is hold the breath because they are fearful of getting the "breath wrong".

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