Pilates is NOT a competitive sport


The video below is deliberately somewhat comical, but the message is NOT! Pilates exercises were designed to serve YOU, your body type, your current level of fitness and your strengths and your limitations. Because every BODY is different, every body will look slightly different doing each exercise, even if the exercise is done correctly! So why watch the person next to you and try to be this-er or that-er? It doesn't make sense!

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Good Pain or Bad Pain, Which One Is It?

Good or Bad Pain?

When it comes to exercise, many have often heard "no pain, no gain."  Well, this is NOT entirely true!  There is good pain and there is bad pain, and "good pain" is the only pain implied by this overly used phrase.  We hope this video helps explain the difference between good and bad pain so you can learn to read your own body and make wise decisions for yourself, such as when you should stop and when you can keep going to "push yourself" safely. 

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How To Workout with A Small Ball

Small Exercise Ball Uses

Learn how to workout with a small exercise ball with Katherine and Kimberly from Pilates on Fifth. Katherine and Kimberly show you the many uses of a mini ball. The mini ball is perfect for Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Stability, Core Training and Physical Therapy. Pilates Ball, Bare Ball Improves Balance, Core Strength and Posture.

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Pinot And Pilates Special Events Holidays 2018

Well...Wine Not?

Pinot & Pilates NYC @ Pilates on Fifth

Every Thursday!
6pm to 9pm
11/29 to 12/27

Join us every Thursday after Thanksgiving until New Years and enjoy your favorite Pinot after your lesson! Sign up with your friends have a great workout, and enjoy the grape while gathering information about health, Pilates and overall wellness.

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How To Look 5 Lbs. Thinner Instantly

A Simple Hack to Help You Look Thinner

In this current fitness climate that seems to focus overwhelmingly on sheer calories burned, what's often lost is attention to the smaller, stabilizing muscles that both protect the joints (including the spine) as well as produce better posture.

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