Part cardio. Part mind-body. Part strength. Totally unique.

CoreAlign® is unlike anything else you have tried. The fast paced exercises and flow will give you a cardio kick and challenge major muscle groups. The rhythmical, posture and balance enhancing exercises will remind you of the mind-body movements on the reformer. And the core exercises will test your strength in a totally unique way. Clients at all fitness levels feel the difference in posture and gait after one session. The CoreAlign® method stimulates core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core controlled aerobic training. The method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a regular sport for a healthy lifestyle. Pilates on Fifth is thrilled to have brought in CoreAlign®, developed by Jonathan Hoffman, and is even more thrilled to be the NYC training center for CoreAlign® moving forward. For more information, click here.


Here is a testimonial from a first time user of this amazing system:

Tighter and Taller with CoreAlign® at Pilates on Fifth


I woke up this morning with a tingling tenderness striping my ribs as I curled up to muzzle my alarm. It had been awhile; a fair amount of time since I found myself greeted by evidence of effectively engaging my pectorals and the encompassing serratus anterior. This is partially due to my negligence of exercising the upper body, and consequently, the significant stabilizing muscles that support the shoulder periphery. Why? To be frank: I simply don't like to. I admit that as a dancer I tend to train the lower body with a dueling interest and inclination for flow. I enjoy exercising with luscious continuity that leaves me feeling longer and leaner.

In between yesterday's afternoon clients, Katherine and Kimberly Corp invited me to partake in a demo lesson on the studio's newest contraption, Balanced Body's CoreAlign®. Pilates on Fifth was selected as the New York City headquarters for CoreAlign® instructor training, as well as private sessions and group classes for the public. Katherine and Kimberly guided me through a series of gentle but exigent exercises that instantly stimulated the core abdominal and back muscle groups. With muscular firing patterns initiating at the gluteals and hamstrings, CoreAlign® triggered an immediate and increased awareness of my backline. This neuromuscular strategy delivered a direct recovery of my alignment from head-to-toe. Moreover, CoreAlign® paired postural maintenance with graceful and sinuous circular movements of the arms and legs that satisfied my appetite for fluidity and fun! It was a mere 30-minute taste of a holistic workout residual in the way I am walking and working throughout today.

Feeling tighter and taller, CoreAlign® is an excellent fitness companion to clientele of all ages, levels, and lifestyles. Not only is CoreAlign® is safely accessible to professional dancers and athletes, but also senior citizens, weekend warrior, post-operative rehabilitation and the usual Pilates devotee.

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