Big Piano ™ Experience NYC


The NYC Big Piano™ Experience!

Make Music and Memories

Tone and Tune Up on the Big Piano™!


Embark on a musical journey of delightful melodies to to create a memory you can record and cherish forever!
Get ready to sweat a little but have a fabulous time and whole lot of fun in the process!

Watch Katherine and Kimberly play Hungarian Rhapsody on the Big Piano™ with Harry Connick Jr.!

We will take 1-4 guests through tunes, rhythms and melodies so that we all can feel like kids again!
Watch Kimberly and Katherine play Chopsticks on the Big Piano™ with Dr. Oz!
There’s nothing like experiencing New York City and this special adventure is unlike any other offered in the country!
Who else can say they danced on the light-up piano keys like Josh Baskin during the famous keyboard scene from the movie "Big"?
Watch Katherine & Kimberly play The Jeopardy Theme and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on the Big Piano™ with NBC's Ben Aaron!





Bring your smart phone with lots of storage available
so you can capture lots of footage of your Big Piano™ experience!








Big Piano Experience


And Kids are WELCOME!         Bring your family and your friends!


This is a must-do activity for your time off. Family and friends will laugh,
dance, and delight in this fun experience for anyone who wants to
channel his inner child. No musical experience necessary!














What to Expect:  

We start with a simple warm up (on the keys, of course),
and then proceed with speed, agility, memory and balance drills, with
recognizable melodies sprinkled in throughout.

Then, you'll learn a full duet that you all can play!

You will exercise your brain and your body!  








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